Visit Types and Pricing

Visit Types

30 Minute Consultation

Your FREE 30 minute consult is a chance to ask any specific questions and learn about what it would be like to work with a naturopathic doctor & see if we are a good fit. What you may leave with: a general but comprehensive plan of attack (in terms of functional/specialty labs that would be nice to see in the next 1-2 years). 

Initial Naturopathic Intakes

Initial Naturopathic Intakes are a comprehensive intake to get to the root cause or talk preventative medicine. This is where you start talking about your personal history/story and I start asking systems based and targeted questions, actively listening to get to the root cause of your symptoms. We will deep dive into one or two functional tests that may be indicated given signs and symptoms. Will include a preliminary plan sent within a few days that includes recommendations for lifestyle changes (diet; hydration; supplements; mind-body techniques) as well as the order and instructions for functional lab testing.

New Clients: 

Payment plans available. Monthly specials and discounts are not listed - email for more information

Established Clients:

 Lab review or general follow up. Longer visits are more comprehensive and less rushed

Specialty labs: prices vary

Please Note: these are just the most common labs ran in my practice. I have access to over 2000+ specialty labs so if you are curious about other tests such as allergy or celiac testing, we will discuss it in our discovery call. Also, please note working with Dr. Noosha you will get practitioner pricing for these labs. 

HPA-G Complete Profile

Evaluates hormones and neurotransmitters to assess nervous and endocrine system function. This profile is ideal for individuals suffering from complaints typically related to hormones and is especially useful for all individuals over the age of 40 as transitions to menopause and andropause begin.

Comprehensive & Functional blood tests ($255 out of pocket)

Includes CBC with diff, CMP, lipid panel, full thyroid panel including antibodies and reverse T3, full iron panel including ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate & option to add on numerous other serum biomarkers. 


• Payment options: full upfront, split into 2 or 3 months.
• Option to add in another specialty lab to discuss during the appointments.
Please note this is a cash-based practice and no insurance is accepted. FSA & HSA cards are accepted. Payment plans are available upon request. 

Pro Package

4 appointments, 2 complimentary specialty labs, and 15% off all supplements from Fullscript. 

Dr. Noosha's comprehensive healing program

Ready to heal your gut and get rid of those pesky symptoms once and for all? Suffering from any type of autoimmune disease (especially Hashimoto's hypothyroidism?) or any issue stemming from a high inflammatory load? Need help balancing your blood sugar & Ready to do a thorough cleanse and reset your immune & nervous systems in the process? Welcome to our healing space

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